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I’m linking up with Wives of Faith again for today’s blog topic:
How is your faith in Christ refreshed at Christmas?

This is a hard question for me to answer. It’s difficult to put into words all of the ways that Christmas has helped to refresh my faith.
One big way is just by helping me to be more comfortable talking about Jesus to people. I feel like talking about Jesus shouldn’t make me as uncomfortable as it does sometimes, but the reality is that Christianity can be a really difficult thing to bring up in conversation at times. I feel this is easier at Christmas time, because it is more “socially acceptable” to talk about it.
I also feel like people tend to be nicer and more receptive in general around Christmastime (black Friday excluded!). It’s as if everyone gets into the hustle and bustle and is able to find something that they are looking forward to or that they enjoy about the season.

The biggest way that my faith is refreshed at Christmas is just by celebrating Jesus with those I love… it is the reminder that Jesus didn’t just beam down from Heaven  like some crazy sci-fi movie; he was actually born, just like all of us… he grew up, with similar struggles to what we face… and he CHOSE all of this… for us… for me and for you! Hands down, the best gift ever!

What about you? How is your faith refreshed at Christmastime?


I’m linking up with some wonderful military wives as we celebrate 12 days of Christmas by answering questions and sharing memories. I am sad that today is the last day; I have been so blessed by reading others posts and sharing my own thoughts. Head on over to Wives of Faith and check it out… or even join in if you’re a military spouse!