A lot happened for me in 2012. Here is a {hopefully brief} synopsis of my year.

(c) Carter Jones Photography

(c) Carter Jones Photography

N and I became engaged to be married in the fall of 2011. By the time January 2012 rolled around, I was already deep into wedding planning. As funny as it sounds, while I enjoyed parts of planning our wedding, I was more excited for it to be done! Anyone who has planned their own wedding knows the stresses it can entail. As our wedding date neared, I continued to plan details while still working full-time. N was also working full time and carrying a full college course load…. so we didn’t have much time together, especially considering that we were still dating long-distance and we were attempting to save money to pay for our wedding outright. I can happily report that we were successful in not only paying for our wedding but also in paying off 2 loans during that time period!

(C) Carter Jones Photography

(C) Carter Jones Photography

On May 19, 2012, I was blessed to marry my best friend with my family and some dear friends by our sides. It was a truly joyous occasion, minus me becoming slightly sick toward the end of the day due to the heat from being outdoors in my wedding dress all day!


We ended up spending the first 3 1/2 months of our marriage living in different states (approximately 600 miles apart!) due to circumstances beyond our control. Have you ever wanted something terribly but just not felt at peace about it? That is how we felt about me moving right after our wedding. After extensive prayer about the timeline for me to move to live with N, the Lord finally led us to choose September 10 as my move date and gave us great peace about that decision.

On Aug 31 I worked my last day with a company I had been working for since I was 18.

I didn’t fully grasp how tough moving from my hometown would be. I know that I love VA greatly and that FL would be quite a change; however, it is hard to know how many small things you appreciate about the area you grew up in until you leave it. Among other things, I miss being close to my family and friends, the scenery in the area, the fall weather, and just my familiarity with the area.

FL has been quite a change. I really have grown to love some things here, but there are things about VA that I will always miss and hold near and dear to my heart. It is not in my own strength that I have made this move; God has really challenged me this year to lean on His strength and not my own. This move has broken me in many ways; ways that were necessary for me to feel vulnerable and to learn to lean not on my own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all my ways and let Him direct my paths.

I was pretty anxious about moving and not having a job here; when I finally surrendered that anxiety to Him, He blessed me with a job that is a far better fit for my life than I could imagine on my own.

The Lord has also blessed me greatly through Celebration Church; we have made fantastic friends there and I have found great encouragement and teaching through the small group we have been a part of.

What are the major points of your year in review? I would love to hear about them!

Tomorrow I will post some of my ‘resolutions’.