I sat down with the intention of writing this post on several occasions… but that intention hasn’t carried this post to fruition- until now that is.

In my last post, I said I would be back the next day with some thoughts on ‘resolutions’. You see I use that word lightly because I think it means a different thing to me than it does to many people. We live in a society where people set many resolutions; however, we don’t live in one where most people actually stick to them. Our society is one of convenience first and foremost. I personally have never believed in ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. My theory is this: if it is something you have procrastinated on throughout the better part of December, saying ‘Starting January 1, I am going to _______ (fill in the blank)”, then you are likely not truly committed to that goal. If it is something that you come up with on January 1, you are also not likely to be committed to the goal/idea because it is not one you have had time to think out!

Those that know me know that several years ago I set out with a goal of becoming more healthy and increasing my fitness. I watched what I ate and committed to working out several times a week. Several months later, I had lost about 35 pounds and felt the best I had to that point in my life! Want to know when I started that journey? December 20th. That’s right- I thought about it, and was committed to the idea. I knew that I couldn’t have a ‘New Years Resolution’ frame of mind about it or I was likely to give up on the goal. (Did any of you set a goal to become more fit/watch what you eat in 2013? Are you still keeping up with it 13 days into the new year?)

I want revolutions in my life, not resolutions. To me, there is a big difference in the mindset between the two. I’m not just passively deciding to do something differently than I have before; if I am going to do something, I want to do it with zeal and fervor!

With that being said, I do have some goals this year; one of which I started on January 1! I have challenged a dear friend of mine to read through the Bible with me chronologically in one year. You see, I realized toward the end of December that I had gotten to a point where I was at times more interested in the words of the author of whatever Bible Study I was using more than I was in the Bible reading itself for that day, and I didn’t like that realization. In thinking on this, I felt strongly led to read through the Bible in a year; something I haven’t done before. I am excited to see what God teaches me this year through this process. I am following a plan that gives me several chapters per day chronologically (at least, as it is understood today; so for example, I read the first part of Genesis and just completed the book of Job. My next reading is back in Genesis). There have been days where I did not complete all of the chapters listed for that day, but there have also been days where I read into the next day or two’s worth of reading. Our pastor has had several sermons that really spoke to me recently about my spiritual walk. I am at times guilty of seeing it as a project to be completed, rather than a process to engage in. I am continuing to pray that God will help me to engage in the process and focus more on what He wants to teach me and less on completing a task. So, while I feel that God led me to the goal of reading the Bible in a year, if I feel he leads me away from the structure of the reading plan, I am certainly not going to fight it!

My bigger goal and revolution is ongoing- to live a fully surrendered life, dedicated to passionately following Jesus. This can be a really hard thing to feel successful in doing. How do you quantify it? There are days when I feel that I am right where I should be, and days when I feel restless. God is still teaching me about what this means; I have a feeling that that teaching isn’t going to stop any time soon!

I apologize if a lot of this is incoherent. Perhaps God will help me put these things into better words over the coming year 🙂

Did you make any ‘resolutions’ this year?

On a separate but still related note, today we began our 2013 Awakening at church- 21 days of prayer and fasting. We as a church are following the Daniel fast. Please pray for our church and all of us as members during this time. We are praying for and believing in great things for this year- believing that this will be our best year yet, if it is our best year yet spiritually!